kafka learn

port(confluent reference)

Component Default Port
Zookeeper 2181
Apache Kafka brokers (plain text) 9092
Schema Registry REST API 8081
REST Proxy 8082
Kafka Connect REST API 8083
Confluent Control Center 9021

System Architecture

  • kafka Producer API: Applications directly producing data (ex: clickstream, logs, IoT).
  • Kafka Connect Source API: Applications bridging between a datastore we don’t control and Kafka (ex: CDC, Postgres, MongoDB, Twitter, REST API).
  • Kafka Streams API / KSQL: Applications wanting to consume from Kafka and produce back into Kafka, also called stream processing. Use KSQL if you think you can write your real-time job as SQL-like, use Kafka Streams API if you think you’re going to need to write complex logic for your job.
  • Kafka Consumer API: Read a stream and perform real-time actions on it (e.g. send email…)
  • Kafka Connect Sink API: Read a stream and store it into a target store (ex: Kafka to S3, Kafka to HDFS, Kafka to PostgreSQL, Kafka to MongoDB, etc.)

  1. Zookeeper : Which is used by Kafka to maintain state between the nodes of the cluster.
  2. Kafka brokers : The “pipes” in our pipeline, which store and emit data.
  3. Producers : That insert data into the cluster.
  4. Consumers : That read data from the cluster.

Creating a topic

bin/kafka-topics.sh \
--create \
--topic my-kafka-topic \
--zookeeper localhost:2181 \
--partitions 3 \
--replication-factor 2
  • The paritions options lets you decide how many brokers you want your data to be split between. Since we set up 3 brokers, we can set this option to 3.
  • The replication-factor describes how many copies of you data you want (in case one of the brokers goes down, you still have your data on the others).


bin/kafka-console-producer.sh \
--broker-list localhost:9093,localhost:9094,localhost:9095 \
--topic my-kafka-topic


bin/kafka-console-consumer.sh \
--bootstrap-server localhost:9093 \
--topic my-kafka-topic \
  • The bootstrap-server can be any one of the brokers in the cluster.
  • The from-beginning option tells the cluster that you want all the messages that it currently has with it, even messages that we put into it previously.

Try starting another consumer in a different terminal window:

bin/kafka-console-consumer.sh \
--bootstrap-server localhost:9093 \
--topic my-kafka-topic \
--from-beginning \
--group group2

Kafka as a Messaging System

  • As with a queue the consumer group allows you to divide up processing over a collection of processes (the members of the consumer group). As with publish-subscribe, Kafka allows you to broadcast messages to multiple consumer groups.

  • Kafka does it better. By having a notion of parallelism—the partition—within the topics, Kafka is able to provide both ordering guarantees and load balancing over a pool of consumer processes. This is achieved by assigning the partitions in the topic to the consumers in the consumer group so that each partition is consumed by exactly one consumer in the group. By doing this we ensure that the consumer is the only reader of that partition and consumes the data in order. Since there are many partitions this still balances the load over many consumer instances. Note however that there cannot be more consumer instances in a consumer group than partitions.

  • Each record consists of a key, a value, and a timestamp.

Kafka as a Storage System

Kafka as Stream Processing

source code


目录 作用
bin 存放可直接在Linux或Windows上运行的.sh文件和.bat文件,包含Kafka常用操作以及ZooKeeper便捷脚本
checkstyle 存放代码规范检查文档
clients 客户端的实现
config 存放配置文件
connetct Kafka Connect工具的实现
core 核心模块
docs 官方文档
examples Kafka生产者消费者简单Demo
jmh-benchmarks 基准测试模块
log4j-appender 日志模块
streams Kafka Streams客户端库
tools 工具类


目录 作用
admin 管理模块,操作和管理topic, broker, consumer group, records等
api 封装调用
client Producer生产的元数据信息的传递
cluster 存活的Broker集群、分区、副本以及他们的底层属性和相互关系
common 异常类、枚举类、格式化类、配置类等
consumer 旧版本的废弃消费者类
controller Kafka集群控制中心的选举,分区状态管理,分区副本状态管理,监听ZooKeeper数据变化等
coordinator GroupCoordinator处理一般组成员资格和偏移量。transaction管理事务
javaapi 给java调用的生产者、消费者、消息集api
log 管理log,它是消息存储的形式,可对应到磁盘上的一个文件夹
message 由消息封装而成的一个压缩消息集
metrics Kafka监控模块
network 网络管理模块,对客户端连接的处理
producer 旧版本的废弃生产者类
security 权限管理
serializer 消息序列化与反序列化处理
server 服务器端的实现
tools 各种控制台工具的实现
utils 工具类
zk 提供与ZooKeeper交互的管理方法和在管道之上的更高级别的Kafka特定操作
zookeeper 一个促进管道传输请求的ZooKeeper客户端